The Inbound Release Platform (IRP) is a digital platform that facilitates communication between actors within the supply chain and Belgian customs. The platform centralises the legally required information when bringing goods into the EU. 


It digitalises the complex declaration and control process for incoming goods at ports. Moreover, it makes information flows transparent and reliable. The IRP supports all cargo flows (RORO, ferry, container, breakbulk and bulk) in a single process.

Ontdek wat het Inbound Release Platform is, wat de voordelen zijn en hoe het werkt.

What, why and how?

Find out what the Inbound Release Platform (IRP) is, what the benefits are and how it works.

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PN staat voor Presentation Notification (Kennisgeving van Aanbrengen) en TSD staat voor Temporary Storage Declaration (Aangifte Tijdelijke Opslag).

Declarant and logistics provider

As a declarant or logistics provider, you can use the Inbound Release Platform to submit goods declarations faster, more securely and efficiently through the Inbound Release Platform.

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Terminal operator

Thanks to the Inbound Release Platform, all a terminal operator needs to do is send an unloading message to the platform.

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Ship agent

As the ship agent, you send a Temporary Storage Declaration (TSD) to the Inbound Release Platform before unloading the goods.

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