Update on IRP implementation


Past weeks, the project team performed preliminary steps in moving the first companies to the Inbound Release Platform as planned.

Upon the request of the private logistics sector, customs has agreed to set up a hybrid architecture to allow an implementation time window of the new PN/TS in parallel with the implementation time window of IDMS. A prudent and controlled change-over plan for this hybrid setup was instantiated in collaboration with customs. This collaborative pilot phase proved its value in past weeks:

  1. It resulted in the clear detection of the well-functioning of the IRP system.
  2. It detected a blocking issue in the PLDA customs systems.
  3. No operational activity was impacted thanks to this prudent approach.

In the course of the coming days, a customs team will further analyze the occurred issue and will confirm new estimated readiness dates for wave 1. 

Upon their confirmation, the IRP project team will re-initiate the pilot phase supported by the IRP team and customs. Details of the adapted planning and approach will be discussed and agreed upon with the companies involved.

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