Parallel implementation possible due to hybrid architecture


Upon request from the private logistics sector, customs has agreed to set up a hybrid architecture to allow a parallel implementation of the new PN/TS and other MASP systems such as IDMS and NCTS 5. Recognising the necessity, this does add technical complexity, additional developments for customs and tests on the test platforms. The high number of different companies involved in the inbound maritime process moving to this hybrid setup demands a prudent and controlled changeover plan.


The Inbound Release Platform is ready to go live as planned on 10 June. To secure the operation of the companies implementing PN/TS through IRP, the project team opts to start the implementation of each company with a pilot phase in which the companies will send a limited number of messages into the live systems. This pilot phase will be planned in detail and will be supported by the IRP team and customs. Details of the planning and approach will be discussed and agreed upon with the companies involved

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